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 FAQs:   Answers to your questions

The most common reason for slow drying is over-application which can increase the drying time by anything up to 8 hours. If you are applying glimtrex Colours cloth off any excess product to shorten drying time. Increase warmth and ventilation to decrease drying times.
Rollers and brushes can be cleaned using white spirit.
Any cloths/towels that become impregnated with our products should be allowed to dry out flat to avoid self-combustion.
You could simply apply one coat of glimtrex Hardwax Oil satin. Alternatively, for a better finish clean the floor with glimtrex Refreshment Cleaner using a buffing machine and a soft pad. Rinse clean and allow to dry for approximately 3 hours then apply one coat of glimtrex Hardwax Oil satin.
Glimtrex Colours must be applied before clear glimtrex Hardwax Oil. The pigments need to penetrate in to unfinished timber.
Glimtrex Hardwax Oil is not a grain filler and therefore (within reason) the finish is only as good as the prepared surface. As long as the surface is smooth (as if sanded with 120 grit paper) you will have no problems.
Glimtrex Hardwax Oil will skin over in an open tin, remove the skin, stir well and use as normal.
You must try a test area to see how glimtrex Hardwax Oil reacts with other finishes. It will go over most but not all.
Dog traffic can be very tough on a floor, especially when the dog is large. If a dog`s claws are newly cut then the edges of the claws are very sharp and may cause scratches. A dog with claws naturally worn by walking is far less likely to scratch the finish. However the timber may still be dented depending on what type of wood you have.
Yes, glimtrex Hardwax Oil can be used over under floor heating. Once dried surfaces treated with glimtrex Hardwax Oil are resistant to high temperatures.
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